nCino IPO

October 19, 2020

Financial technology company nCino recently enjoyed a well-received IPO. In this first virtually recorded episode of Looking Ahead, Al Dominick talks to nCino’s CEO, Pierre Naudé, about investor interest, board transition and maintaining company culture after going public.

Reevaluating Executive Compensation in the Age of Covid

May 26, 2020 All Industries

As CEOs take pay cuts to show solidarity with workers, compensation committees are turning to building bonus structures for 2021 and beyond. But the process of tying bonuses to the right metrics to incentivize management has changed under the current economic landscape.

The Post-Covid Activist Puzzle

May 26, 2020 All Industries

Activist investors have a large war chest that could see them going on a spending spree, as certain stocks remain highly deflated. How boards manage the Covid-19 response could determine whether they set their sights on the company.

How Healthcare Embraced AI in Covid Fight

May 26, 2020 Healthcare

As hospitals faced the onslaught of scared patients fearing they had Covid-19, some organizations tip-toed into artificial intelligence to help serve as a first line of defense. The impact may send AI into the hospital mainstream.

How Retailers, Stores Hope To Rebound

May 26, 2020 All Industries

Many retailers faced major issues prior to the crisis, which has led to threats on their future with sales plummeting due to shelter-in-place orders. Now, as states reopen, how retailers respond could determine their survival.

Reevaluating Product Launches Under Covid

May 11, 2020 All Industries

Delaying new product launches has become one of the most popular strategic tactics companies have taken to stem losses from Covid-19. Even if your company is moving back to full operations, it doesn’t mean those new products should hit shelves soon.