About DirectorCorps

DirectorCorps provides peer insight on critical board leadership issues, through digital channels and exclusive events. As an information resource, DirectorCorps provides a broad range of insight on current and emerging leadership issues. The company delivers this insight through annual conferences, exclusive networking events, digital services, editorial products and research reports.

DirectorCorps provides board-level information to all Nasdaq and NYSE-listed companies, as well as many high-growth private companies. This audience encompasses a company’s CEO, Chairman, CFO, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and members of the board.

Digitally, DirectorCorps and Nasdaq have teamed up to create a boardroom leadership program – Looking Ahead – that surfaces key industry and cross-industry strategy issues for executive teams and their boards. Focusing on peer to peer insight and professional expertise. Each episode focuses on decisions that are discussed in the boardroom. Hosted by Al Dominick, CEO of DirectorCorps, these videos are filmed and recorded at the Nasdaq Marketsite and offer both industry trends and real-life examples of corporate leadership.

While focusing on the broad needs of all directors, DirectorCorps builds on a long history of serving the unique needs of directors for access to industry specific knowledge. Our 30 year history of serving the financial services and technology industries through Bank Director and FinXTech has prepared us for our current focus on public and private healthcare.

Press Releases

DirectorCorps Announces Digital Series Partnership with Nasdaq Governance Solutions

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

DirectorCorps offers CPE credit for qualifying webinars and conferences. For more information, click HERE.