Thought Leadership

Two Activism Trends That Might Menace Your Board

July 8, 2019 All Industries

In the past few years activists have broadened their horizons, targeting even small and mid cap companies. Institutional investors are supporting activists more and more, and if you didn’t already have enough keeping you up at night, there are two new trends in this ever evolving landscape that put your company at risk.

Activism Hits a Record in 2018

July 1, 2019 All Industries

Last year was a good year to be an activist; not so much to be a company on the receiving end of a campaign. The wave of shareholder activism last year had corporate leaders on edge.

Facebook Fights Activism with Dual-Class Shares and Wins

June 27, 2019 All Industries

In the fight against shareholder activism, Facebook won. At least for now. Activists pushed the company to split the chairman and CEO role for Mark Zuckerberg, who holds both titles and has come under a barrage of criticism over his handling of security and privacy issues in the last year.