How Healthcare Embraced AI in Covid Fight

May 26, 2020 Healthcare

As hospitals faced the onslaught of scared patients fearing they had Covid-19, some organizations tip-toed into artificial intelligence to help serve as a first line of defense. The impact may send AI into the hospital mainstream.

Reevaluating Product Launches Under Covid

May 11, 2020 All Industries

Delaying new product launches has become one of the most popular strategic tactics companies have taken to stem losses from Covid-19. Even if your company is moving back to full operations, it doesn’t mean those new products should hit shelves soon.

The Coming Lawsuit Onslaught

April 29, 2020 All Industries

As companies try to return to normal business, they will also have another concern to protect themselves from: Lawsuits. From healthcare, to cruise lines to insurance, most industries will have to deal with an onslaught of litigation from customers, partners and investors.

How Tech, Non-Tech Firms Blend Operations To Combat Pandemic

April 13, 2020 Technology

In the fallout of COVID-19, technology has become the one sector that has uniquely benefited from the isolated workforce and the need for novel medicine. But the reliance on tech, medical technology and biotechnology in this uncertain time has provided opportunities for non-tech firms to unite with tech and medical leaders as well.