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The Deal on Healthcare & The Deal on Fintech

Distributed bi-monthly and monthly respectively, The Deal on Healthcare and The Deal on Fintechs provide top officers and board members a regular snapshot of their industry. A lightning-fast overview of industry-specific M&As and IPOs linked to source material for more information, The Deal on Healthcare and The Deal on Fintechs help busy executives look broadly across these diverse, but deeply interrelated industries, without adding another item to their to-do list.

Tone at the Top

When you get to the C-suite or join a corporate board, it’s expected that your knowledge is as vast as your experience – but it’s impossible to anticipate every emerging trend in the business world. To fill these potential gaps, DirectorCorps is pleased to present Tone at the Top – a quarterly newsletter that provides original content and expert commentary designed to help leaders with limited expendable time get smarter, faster.